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Meetings vs Gatherings

Arguably, any meeting can now be conducted online. Virtual meeting platforms are increasingly more sophisticated and offer a range of experiences to enhance the attendee experience. The value of these platforms is in the convenience and their fulfillment of the current online work culture. Shifting from Zoom to a more interactive online tool for a special event, for the hour or day, is a good thing to do. But the reality is, it’s still a screen and only a minor departure from the isolation of remote life. So what’s the alternative? Start by knowing the difference between meetings and gatherings.

Team building, storyboarding, creative development, strategic planning, leadership development. These types of activities do not lend themselves well to an online format. What do these necessary gatherings have in common? Proximity. There is something uniquely human and impactful about being together.

You have almost nothing to lose and so much to gain by finding new ways to drive engagement (see the Great Resignation). Even if it’s just every now and then. Know your audience and when to have meetings vs gatherings in-person.

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