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Hybrid Work Challenges And Solutions

Coco recently hosted an exclusive executive roundtable where Twin Cities industry leaders gathered to tackle the challenges of hybrid and remote work head-on. In an interactive session titled “Addressing the Hybrid Malaise,” led by Coco’s CEO and industry expert, Colleen Moselle, we identified actionable insights and strategies for fostering a thriving work culture in the relentlessly evolving work landscape.

Meet our Executive Roundtable Panelists:

  • James Smale – CEO, Redpath Consulting Group
  • Matt Voda – CEO, OptiMine
  • Ebin Ephrem – Vice President of Strategy, Horizontal Digital
  • Elizabeth Bauer – Vistage Chair + Executive Coach
  • Deanna Pannier – Owner/Founder, DP Consulting Partners
  • JJ Parker – CEO, Tightrope Media
  • Mariana Quiroga – Senior Director of Marketing & Brand, Children’s MN

Recommendations from our Panel of Experts:

  1. Create a human connection: Emphasize the importance of human connection in meetings and one-on-one interactions. Shift the focus from solely work updates to meaningful connections that foster engagement and morale.
  2. Harness survey tools for engagement: Utilize survey tools like OfficeVibe and Applauz to gauge employee engagement and gather valuable feedback. Insights from these tools can inform strategies to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.
  3. Enhance onboarding and offboarding processes: Develop structured onboarding processes with mentorships and regular check-ins. Assigning a “buddy” for new hires and implementing consistent offboarding processes, including hiring a break-up coach when necessary, can ensure a smooth transition for employees.
  4. Define a value proposition for in-office attendance: Clearly communicate the value proposition for employees to visit the office periodically. Establish structured plans for their in-office days, including activities and meetings that benefit from in-person collaboration.
  5. Utilize assessments for team balance: Leverage assessments such as Chronotype, Enneagram, Kolbe, and DiSC to better understand and balance team dynamics. These assessments provide valuable insights and foster team cohesion and understanding.
  6. Establish consistent meeting etiquette: Define meeting etiquette, including policies on remote participation, camera usage, and in-person attendance. Consistency in meeting protocols ensures clarity and inclusivity for all team members.
  7. Repurpose office space cost savings: Consider any reduction in office space costs as an opportunity to reallocate resources to team activities, travel, or other initiatives that promote employee well-being and engagement. Skip the traditional commercial office lease and try a coworking company with private office space, meeting rooms, and many amenities at a fraction of the cost.

By implementing these insights and strategies, companies can better navigate the complexities of hybrid work successfully, fostering a resilient and adaptable work culture that thrives in the future of work. For more information about innovative hybrid or remote work strategies, contact hello@workatcoco.com.

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