Fueled Collective is Coco (again.) Learn more.
rebranding announcement

Coco is coming back.

Since 2009, the beloved COCO name has been synonymous with innovation in the Twin Cities. In 2018, we rebranded as Fueled Collective to realize a national franchise strategy designed to extend our movement nationwide. That transition struck a nerve with our community — there was clearly a connection to the COCO name (we felt it too).

A global pandemic and a constantly shifting economy called for a new direction and ultimately, a return to our roots. As a result, “Coco” is coming back in early April with a fresh look and feel, and the same relentless focus on creating collaborative, creative work environments for individuals, as well as remote and hybrid companies.

Long before anyone uttered the words “social distancing,” we pioneered hybrid work. Our entire history has been steeped in providing scalable, turnkey work environments for solopreneurs to corporations and across industries. So, we were built for this very moment. 

We hope you are as thrilled as we are to bring Coco back with re-envisioned memberships and new locations. So we can keep you updated, sign up to receive the latest on our exciting transformation.

Your partner in creating a more sensible work life.

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Be part of an unstoppable movement.

A re-envisioned brand with a refined mission: To be the local neighborhood workplace and deliver flexible workday choices for hybrid companies and individuals with affordable memberships that enable seamless on-demand work, business meetings, and events.  

Dedicated Spaces

Dedicated Spaces

Dedicated desks and private offices are now available on a monthly, part-time, or on-demand basis to meet a wide spectrum of expectations of independent professionals and hybrid team members.


Coworking + Hybrid Team Access

Achieve ultimate flexibility with one or a combination of memberships tailored to your (or your team’s) usage. For teams you can include the option of a dedicated space that can be configured as a private office, meeting room, or both.

Meetings and Events 1

Meetings & Events

Our two historic Minneapolis locations and Retreat House provide one-of-kind experiences for a range of gatherings including team meetings, strategic planning, company celebrations, and professional development.

Outplacement Solutions

Now offering coworking packages for displaced employees that include 3- to 6-month memberships for job searching, onsite career coaching and networking.

More About Coco

In 2009, COCO started with a mission to transform how individuals and companies grow and scale their businesses by designing creative, collaborative environments for consultants, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Today, that same movement will continue with an emphasis on helping organizations of all sizes elevate their hybrid work cultures with a wide variety of on-demand workplace solutions that include coworking, dedicated spaces, team packages, meeting rooms, event venues and outplacement services.

If we had a dime for every time a member told us they missed the Coco brand, well…we’d have a lot of dimes. Coco is a beloved Twin Cities institution and we are proud to continue the movement we’ve been so passionate about since 2009. Members will see several updates including a Coco brand with a new look and feel, and new products and services.

Ours has always been, and will remain, a far more personalized and affordable experience than you’ll find at the national chains. With 13 years’ experience providing flexible solutions aligned to members specific needs. You’re not a number here — we get to know your name, career or business objectives, and working preferences and continuously work with you to optimize your work environment. Plus, the connections you and your team will make here will be game changing.

The biggest mistake hybrid companies make is they declare they are hybrid but then never design the experience. Employees are always the first to notice when they commute, arrive to empty offices and spend the day on Zoom.

Optimizing hybrid work cultures is Coco’s sweet spot. We’ve seen significant demand from companies looking to abandon their traditional office leases for affordable, flexible and tailored on-demand spaces priced based on scale and usage. 

As part of the Coco rebrand, we’ve thought long and hard about how to help companies create memberships that fit their current needs as well as build in flexibility for the future. Employee work preferences will evolve and as you get better at addressing them, you will need scalable solutions — this is where we come in.

There will be no MAJOR changes yet to our current environments. Certainly, you will see the Coco name everywhere including on our digital platforms. Other changes will happen over time but they will be subtle. And, get excited about new swag — we are! On March 15th, new Coco access stickers will be available for all members – stop by the reception desk at any of our locations to pick yours up.

In late March, our new web address will change and so will our wifi network and password. We will give you plenty of advanced notice. For now, you’re good to go with our existing systems.

We pride ourselves in being the alternative to the large, national coworking chains. When you work at Coco, you are part of a highly-personalized, uniquely Twin Cities experience. Kyle Coolbroth, our CEO, is not only the original founder of Coco, but remains actively involved in strengthening and growing our products and services.

When we rebranded to Fueled Collective in 2018, it was with the intention of franchising the concept across the United States. Then we faced two years of a pandemic, social unrest, and economic uncertainty. During this time, we were constantly pivoting to meet the demands of the day while supporting our members through complex business situations.

For us, this was also a time of reflection. In the end, we were reminded why we are here and how important it is to relentlessly (re)focus on our mission. The good news is, the Fueled Collective brand is alive and well in Cincinnati, OH, where it is owned and operated by our friends who will maintain the name.