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Know this Before you Commit…

Pro-tip: If you are considering coworking, know this before you commit:

Many coworking companies dedicate less than 10% of their space to actual coworking. The rest they allocate to paid meeting space and private offices. This often means when you arrive, you grab a spot and park it for the day (use it or lose it).

When you’re shopping for a place to get away from the monotony of working from home, look for locations that give you the freedom to move around throughout the week, so you can tailor your day based on the needs ahead.

At Coco; 40% of our space is dedicated to coworking.

Got a quick call? Grab a phone booth. Time for Zoom? Pick a cozy area in one of our semi-private spaces. Need to brainstorm? Grab a whiteboard and start innovating.

Both our downtown and NE locations are designed to let you seamlessly pivot as the demands on your day inevitably shift. No coworking company gives you the flexibility and space to rule your day, like Coco.

We are offering one month free on new memberships through the end of the year. Stop down for a free tour and day pass and see for yourself.

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