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How to Sell a More Sensible Work Life to Your Employer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – budgeting season.

On top of that, you owe your leader goals and plans for the new year. If yours is like most companies, 2022 growth objectives are going to be aggressive and your time will need to be increasingly focused on driving for results.

To achieve the right outcomes, many employees stuck at home will have to find new tools, environments, and support to thrive at work and it is likely some of these things, if not all, will require funding.

So what do you do?

You start by building a business case for why you need to improve your working conditions and then you make the ask. Check out our new employer toolkit which gives you the context and communication necessary to ask your employer to invest in a coworking membership at Coco.

Need more information to close the deal with your leader? Contact us via email or call 612-800-8424 and we will provide you with supplemental resources.

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