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Are you Languishing at home?

While companies continue to pivot amongst relentless uncertainty, you’ve been asked to roll with the punches:  work from the dining table, spend your day on screens and socialize via devices. And somehow, through it all, you’re accountable for creating an environment that aligns to both your working style and the values of your company. You have given so much!

And boundaries (how long we work, for example) have been tossed out the window. The reality is, people are working longer and harder at home. A sensible work life for many, is out of reach under existing circumstances.

While working from home may be a perfectly good option for some, it leaves a void for the rest who rely on people and creative environments, to inspire and innovate. Aside from how you work…how you learn, grow and network will require more initiative on your part than ever before.

Whether you like it or not, YOU are now in control of how you work. If you don’t find solutions that allow you to flourish, you may Languish at home, feeling alone and uninspired. This state of mind could slow any further progress you will make in your career.

So what do you do?  Here are five steps to consider:

  1. Talk to your employer. Let them know that you don’t have the tools you need to grow in your role or career. Before you do, make a list of items or experiences that might enhance your job satisfaction. Read on for some possibilities…
  2. Optimize your home “office.” For many, ergonomics are greatly compromised at home which can have a huge impact on your overall well being. If you are hunched over the kitchen counter or on a couch, get a legitimate desk, laptop riser, lighting and adjustable chair (to start).
  3. Attend a conference or networking event. There are increasingly more in-person and hybrid events happening with solid safety protocols in place. You will be reinvigorated by learning new skills and meeting new people
  4. Get out of the house. Find a nearby coworking (a membership-based professional workspace) location. If you haven’t tried one before, get a day pass and see how it goes. All provide open and semi-private spaces that allow you to tailor your day, based on the needs of your day. Pro-tip: When shopping for coworking, ask how much of their space is dedicated to coworking. Some only hold 10% of their space for coworkers, the rest for paid private offices and meeting rooms. Find a facility dedicates more than 30% or more of their space to coworkers so you have the flexibility to move around throughout the day.)
  5. Book a conference room for the day. Beat Zoom fatigue by bringing your colleagues together for an in-person strategy session, planning meeting or celebration. All coworking companies rent meeting and conference rooms by the hour or day. (Pro-tip: When shopping for meeting space, find a company that includes a coworking membership with your first rental.)

Kyle Coolbroth is the founder and CEO of Coco, a pioneer and thought leader in the coworking industry. His work is redefining the essence of how we gather to work. Kyle has also guided hundreds of business leaders and companies through critical stages of growth.

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