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Screen with Zoom Meeting

5 Ideas to Tackle Zoom Fatigue

#5 Always send a meeting agenda and goals ahead of time. Stick to the agenda. This was the rule of thumb before Zoom but important now, more than ever.

#4 Schedule meetings in 15 minute increments. Not every meeting needs to be 30-60 minutes. Finish a meeting early? Give people back part of their day.

#3 Drop a surprise in the mail from time to time. Company merchandise, snacks, and gift cards (to name a few), are a nice distraction from the monotony of screens.

#2 Encourage people to pick up the phone. A well-planned, quick call often does the trick.

#1 NO ZOOM WEDNESDAYS. Put the kibosh on Zoom meetings once a week and offer your team in-person meeting and work space access instead. 40% of the space at Coco is dedicated to coworking.

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