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Solopeneurs and shared office space

Solopreneurs & Shared Office Space – A Perfect Match

If you’ve been a freelancer or consultant for any length of time, you may have noticed: no day is the same. Clients change, projects change – simply put, things are less predictable than when you held down a corporate job. It’s an adventure, to be sure!

While working from home or the coffee shop helps keep costs low, both situations have their limitations. On the other hand, getting a leased office space can be dangerous because it locks you into an inflexible and sometimes expensive situation.

A shared office space like Coco offers a happy medium between the home office and the leased office. No wonder coworking is growing by leaps and bounds around the world. What’s the big deal?

Shared offices are flexible
Business could go up next month…or it could go down. That’s why you’re better off steering clear of long-term commitments like a leased office. Even if your business is growing fast and you’re planning on hiring an employee, you should think twice about locking into a lease. If the business does particularly well, that starter office could soon be too small. Instead, consider a shared office space like Coco, where you can pay month-to-month as a solopreneur, and then look at private suites as you hire more staff. We make it easy for you to flex up and down as your business evolves.

Shared offices are professional
A coworking space like Coco is built for people who need to do professional work. There’s energy and noise, but not so much that it drives you crazy or interferes with what you have to do. Your guests are greeted by our professional and courteous staff, which makes you look good. If you need to meet, you can choose from nearly 20 professional meeting rooms across our 5 locations. They come in all sizes, so you can find the room that fits your goals, whether it’s creative collaboration or a formal client pitch.

Shared offices are sociable
As a solopreneur, you need all the friends you can get, or at least colleagues who can help you on projects or refer you to new clients.
Fortunately, socializing at a coworking space like Coco comes rather easily. Why? One, there’s a large population of coworkers. A significant number of our members are solopreneurs – not startups, but professionals who work for clients. That means that there are plenty of other people for you to meet and learn from. Each one is a potential friend, colleague or client. Compare that to other coworking spaces, where most of the membership works in private suites and people don’t tend to interact much.
Secondly, there are regular social events. We schedule social events that are designed to bring members together and get to know each other. You’d be amazed how many profitable business connections come out our social events. It’s how many deals and partnerships are formed.

Shared offices are wired
At Coco, you can get wired and be wired all at once. Included in your membership is all the high-end coffee and tea you can drink. Each space also features Gigabit internet – the fastest commercially available Internet. What that means to you is that the Internet is always on and blazing fast whether you need to upload or download.

Shared offices are affordable
What does it cost to have all the advantages of a membership at Coco? Surprisingly little. As in $12 a day, with our Full-Time plan, which lets you visit day or night, 365 days a year. But you can also join with less expensive plans that allow you to visit 5 or 14 times per month. That’s also part of the flexibility – you can change your plan as your needs change. Best of all, compared to your coffee shop expenses, your membership is 100% tax-deductible.

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