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Member Spotlight: Tina Rexing, T-Rex Cookies

After twenty years in corporate America and seventeen as a competitive baker, Tina Rexing launched T-Rex Cookie Company at the Minneapolis Farmers Market in 2015, with a mission to use only REAL, high-quality ingredients in their now legendary, ½ lb cookie.

Over the next several years, T-Rex would be featured on the Today Show, Shark Tank, and many local TV and radio broadcasts, and be named Best Cookie in America. Since those early days at the farmers market, T-Rex cookies have been available at/in the US Bank Stadium, Super Bowl LIl, their own food truck and two storefront locations in Eagan and Minnetonka.

Soon, T-Rex Cookies will be sold in over 60 Target stores.

Not long after her podcast producer introduced Tina to our Northeast location, she became a Coco member.

Quick Q&A with Tina Rexing

Founder of T-Rex Cookie Company 

Coco Member 

Tell me about your average workday. 

There really isn’t an average work day.  Our heavy baking days at the bakery are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  But I find myself doing a lot of deliveries throughout the week to a lot of my wholesale accounts around the city. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of product/brand pitches to grocery stores to get T-Rex Cookies in the freezer section.

How do you use the space at Coco? 

I do a lot more “paperwork” now as the business grows.  I go to FC to get away from the bakery environment and my staff so I can focus on tasks that may not be as fun to do.

What relationships have you formed as a member? 

I’m a new member, but since I bring T-Rex Cookies every Tuesday, people tend to talk to me more.

Tell me about the team at Coco. 

The staff is super helpful in terms of being available to answer questions and they seem to have great relationships with other members.

Please volunteer any other information that will be helpful for future members to understand why they should choose Coco.

The atmosphere at Coco NE is very warm and does not have that industrial/hipster vibe that places like WeWork have. The people that I have interacted with seem genuinely interested in getting to know other people vs just going in and getting work done and leaving.  

Tina, thank you for being an inspiration to our entrepreneur community!

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