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Member Spotlight: Dylan Wohlenhaus, authenci

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I think back to March of this year. It’s almost like we were all peeking outside of our caves after
a year long pandemic. I was searching for coworking spaces in Minneapolis as it became all
too clear – meeting clients at coffee shops as I started my business was not sustainable.

I found Coco. They brought me in, gave me a tour, and simply said “We want to
support you as you get your business off the ground.” The best part? I didn’t have to be stuck in
a glass box. Hey, We Work! No offense. I’ve watched this community of creators, small business
owners, and thinkers slowly come back to life. Not to mention, have already made several
connections as I build authenci into the content and storytelling agency I want it to be.

After nearly a decade as a TV journalist at NBC and ABC affiliates, most recently at KARE 11, I
jumped ship into a marketing & communications role at a Fortune 200 company, Land O’Lakes,
Inc. here in Minneapolis. For three years I loved the change, I enjoyed the thoughtfulness – and
focusing more on business. But, something more was calling. Something I wanted to call my


The Daily Grind


What I enjoy most these days is coming into my office at Coco just before the sun
comes up. I’m a networker, I love meeting people, but lately I’ve tried to focus on some heads-
down work as I try and gain new clients. The staff here at Coco is engaged with
what I do. They want to know more, how they can help. I’ve heard “You should talk to…” so and
so as I have explained how I’m using video, podcasting, blog writing – and strategic storytelling
to not only shape marketing and communications but target new sales markets for my clients.

If you want to know how I use my office at Coco, its honestly just for eating an
absurd amount of cashews with the door closed. But seriously, I record podcasts, I meet with
clients, break down data from the content we produce – and dream about how, slowly but surely,
my business plan is coming to life. The fact is, it never goes as quickly as you’d like. Client.

What’s great about my membership here is that I have my personal space, the common areas
are vibrant, people are making things happen, coming up with plans, marking up whiteboards,
everything you’d expect at an office space. But instead of hustling out of a coffee shop, you get
to work in a space that gives you a home base.

What’s so fun about the work I’m doing now with my business, authenci, is putting data behind
the creative and showing clients how stories can be a sales tool. I also get to share that with
members here I have gotten to know. Like last week one said, “When you get that client let’s
have a beer in your office.” Hey, Coco staff… can I do that? That’s support. That’s
what this community is about.

Whether it’s the Northeast Minneapolis location or downtown, there are spaces to call your own. I
love a good cappuccino but my clients always hate the hiss of the machine on a Zoom call while
it steams your milk. That’s what I was doing. That’s not what I’m doing anymore.

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