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Northeast Minneapolis warehouse workspace

COCO Northeast: The Dream Warehouse

Does your workplace have a design thinking lab, a private room to help make parenting easier and multiple breweries within walking distance?  Five years after Coco’s debut in St. Paul, we opened our fourth location in the beautiful and industrial Northeast Minneapolis. And being new to the hippest neighborhood in Minneapolis, you better believe we brought a few quirks and colors of our own.
The space.
Located on the corner of 14th Avenue and Van Buren Street in a sun-filled refurbished warehouse, Coco Northeast’s charm is matched only by its collaborative design. With an open floorplan featuring a large common space, we’ve got plenty of room to work the way that fits you – sit, stand, or lounge! There are multiple drop in spaces to have a quick, casual meeting with a client or teammates, five meeting rooms and a large kitchen with a family style table that seats sixteen. Did I mention there’s a rooftop patio? We know there’s only a few prime months here in Minnesota, but with views of the trains rolling by and fiber internet access, you might not want to work anywhere else!
We’re Stoke.d, are you?!
Coco Northeast is home to Coco’s newest partnership endeavor, stoke.d studio. Stoke.d is a design thinking lab, a place for people to create and deliver solutions based on human needs. By using low resolution prototyping as a means of rapidly getting to solutions, Stoke.d opens up your mind to new possibilities and awakens creative problem solving in everyone. Our members are welcome to use it for independent design thinking sessions with their team, as more common space to work and plan and can even sign up for facilitated sessions. Stoke.d is there for our members, to help them grow and learn.
Calling all parents!
Coco strongly believes that working parents should have a relaxing and functional place to breastfeed, pump, or take some quiet time — all while continuing their career. The Parents Room features soft lighting, plenty of workspace and a mini fridge. Simply pop in and turn the sign to “in use” whenever needed throughout the day. Have a picture of your little one? Add it to the cork-board!
Who shows up?
The members who call Northeast home are hard working and just a little quirky, but us Coco folk know you have to be to run your own business! Most are from the neighborhood and take great pride in their home; if they aren’t asking you to grab a drink at the local distillery Tattersall, then you will be sure to get a friendly invitation to an art show opening at one of the many warehouses blocks away.  For members of Coco Northeast, the line between work and passion is a thin one. We host actors, lawyers, web developers, start up consultants, health care providers, and even an “Eduprenuer” who designs lesson plans around lasers! Here in Northeast, you never know who you will be sitting next to and what their big ideas are.
Our members are the most vital piece in shaping our Coco community, but it sure doesn’t hurt having a vibrant and collaborative space to come to every day. So far in our newest Coco home, the ideas are flowing and new friends are close by. What’s the most exciting part for us hard-at-work creatives in Northeast? This is only the beginning.  

What is your favorite Coco location? Interested in seeing what we’re all about?

Come tour our spaces every Friday at 11am!

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