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Buzzfeed Makes Space for Culture

National organizations with distributed teams are increasingly turning to creative environments to engage their remote or hybrid teams without having to endure the complexities and costs associated with traditional office leases.

Enter Buzzfeed, a Coco Team Access member.

Buzzfeed established a hybrid work culture over seven years ago and when the pandemic hit, they took some time to envision what the future of work would look like. Thanks to their commitment to technology, the nature of their work can be achieved remotely or in an office setting. Working at home was the choice of many of their employees, while a creative office environment was the choice of others. 

And there were those who wanted to split their time between Coco’s Downtown and Northeast Minneapolis locations. 

Team Access is Coco’s corporate membership that enables companies to tailor how they use the facility and includes coworking, private office, meetings and event space, along with extraordinary amenities that include coffee and snacks, 24/7 access, compelling onsite programming, networking opportunities and more. Priced primarily based on usage, it’s a unique solution for organizations who need flexibility and the ability to scale (up or down), on-demand.

“We’re proud to say that our Minnesota team’s productivity has remained high while working from home or at Coco. However, while always vital, productivity was not the driving force in wishing to offer a workspace for collaboration. At BuzzFeed, we place great importance on our culture. One that provides strong personal and professional connections as well as social interaction, a sense of community and fun,” said Phil Wilson, IT Manager for Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed employees have flexibility because the company believes in empowering individuals to align their working preferences with the choices available in their workplace culture. But even those with strong preferences for remote working have found that time at Coco is a great reprieve from the monotony of working from home.

Phil went on to say, “Coco was our first choice as a partner because it allowed us to do many things. It provided a unique and creative spot for people to work together, a cost effective way to provide the work environment to only those who appreciated it, and a lab to see what kind of actual desire there was by our teams to fully utilize a hybrid work model.”

We are grateful for your contributions to the Coco community – thank you, Buzzfeed!

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