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7 Ways to Be a Better

7 Ways to Be a Better Leader

With a new year come new objectives, challenges, and responsibilities— especially in the realm of small business. As a leader, we can either stay idle during these times of change, or use them as an opportunity to improve our habits and routines. Ready to become a more passionate and effective guide this year? These seven tips are sure to help you succeed. 

Prioritize your mental/physical health

Healthy leadership begins with a healthy individual. By taking time to tend to our bodies and minds, we naturally become more observant, perceptive, and vigilant to those around us. Try implementing small acts of self-care on a daily basis: Give yourself time to eat a proper breakfast in the morning. Take short breaks at work to walk around the office or stretch at your desk. Step away from your computer every few hours to reclaim your mental space. When we prioritize our personal energy, we can show up fully for those who depend on and look up to us.  

Be open to feedback

A good leader acts as a role model when giving and receiving feedback, though it isn’t always easy. There must be trust and vulnerability within a company to normalize this exchange. Set an example for your colleagues and peers by creating an approachable and receptive environment where feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Ideas include 360 reviews, company office hours, or employee surveys. 

Take your team offsite

Facilitate an experience your team will remember— take them offsite to plan, workshop, or review. Meeting offsite is necessary for innovative brainstorming, and by gathering somewhere other than the office employees are given the opportunity to think in creative and innovative ways. Plus, the lack of every-day office distractions keep teams focused and inspired. 

Find inspiration in other leaders

Every leader needs a source of inspiration. Whether it be a mentor, peer, or favorite author, finding an individual to look up to will help you challenge objectives, generate ideas, and step outside of your comfort zone. Some of our favorite leaders this new year? Donald Miller, Michael Hyatt, and Gino Wickman to name a few. 

Practice effective time management

Effective time management is crucial for leadership success. Not only does it help in reaching company goals and targets, but it’s also necessary to avoid burnout and frustration among individuals and teams. Implement small time management skills to ensure you stay focused on your objectives— try listing your “Big 3” each morning, tasks that you must accomplish by the end of the day to stay on track. This will ensure your efforts are spent on what’s essential for company progress and success. 

Identify your motivations & passions

Passionate leadership is essential for an inspired team. When we identify what fascinates and motivates us, we’re more likely to take risks, explore innovative ideas, and break new ground. This enthusiasm is contagious to peers and colleagues. 

Rethink your workspace

What if your employees wanted to come to the office every day? Coworking spaces like Coco have redefined what workspace means. Networking opportunities, community building activities, and innovative surroundings help keep employees inspired, engaged, and productive. Don’t believe us? Just look at the stats: coworkers have been reported happier, more engaged, and more motivated while working from shared office spaces. Not sure? Take a tour and try us out!  

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