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Colleen Moselle



Colleen Moselle is the CEO of Coco, Minnesota’s original flexible workspace company, where she drives success and oversees all aspects of the business in the Twin Cities. With her extensive experience as a U.S. Naval Officer, a Fortune 500 sales consultant and a division President of a private construction company, Colleen has honed her skills in building and leading high-performance teams that consistently deliver results for shareholders, employees, and customers.

After serving in the Navy until 2009, Colleen transitioned to the private sector, becoming a Fortune 500 sales consultant. In 2011, she relocated to Minnesota and joined a leadership program at a construction company, which eventually led to her appointment as President of one of their divisions, where she stayed for 8 years.

Beyond her professional achievements, Colleen is a multifaceted individual with diverse interests and experiences. She was a competitive Irish step dancer for 16 years and now enjoys reading, playing with her children and amateur photography in her free time. Colleen’s pursuit of a childhood dream to become an underwater archeologist led her to the Naval Academy, showcasing her determination and passion for learning.

As a mother, Colleen cherishes the daily lessons and insights her children provide, contributing to her personal growth and development. Her DiSC Management Profile is iS, and her Myers-Briggs personality type is ESFJ, reflecting her strong interpersonal skills and ability to lead and inspire others.

Under Colleen’s leadership, Coco continues to thrive as a premier flexible workspace provider, offering innovative solutions and exceptional service to professionals and businesses in the Twin Cities.